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retrieving structure variable data from an array of that structure data type

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Brian Kester
Brian Kester 2014.06.18 17:33 

Hi, I am learning to use an array of the structure data type.  Specifically, to access the multiple dot-notated variables' from the structure array .


I can declare a structure, list the variables, assign data to those dot-notated variables, declare an array from the structure data type, assign the structures' dot notated variables to the array, but then how to access the data from the multiple dot-notated variables in each index of the array is where im stuck.

I have read up on arrays, but when each index contains multiple variables (each followed by semicolon) i'm not clear how get the data from any one of the multiple dot-notated variables of any single index  of the array.


I know structure parameters must be passed by reference, which means (i think) if you change the structure inside a function, the changes to it are not saved outside the function.


So, i think I have most of the peices of the puzzle, but I'm missing a few peices to have a complete picture. thanks for any help. Sorry for so many posts lately, im in the steep part of my learning curve.

Brian Kester
Brian Kester 2014.06.18 17:43  

  WHRoeder had replied to me elsewhere already -


It's exactly the same
int ints[9];
int i = ints[2];

struct ab{ int a; int b };
struct abs[9]
struct s=abs[2]; Print(s.a);
//or just
Print( abs[2].a );




thanks a lot WHRoeder! 

Brian Kester
Brian Kester 2014.06.22 14:12  

working great :)

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