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delete the content of a file without deleting the file? - page 2

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Halley 2014.06.14 16:37  

I occasionally use files to communicate between mql4. Opening and closing the file is quite fast, you do not need to worry about them if you need to fit under 1 ms. Moreover, you do not need to use CSV format, with the current struct syntax you can save and read data with a single command.

The real bottleneck is the way how you notify the receiver (file reader). Posting a message to trigger OnTick or OnCalculate is quite slow in MT4 and would cost you several ms of delay.

The fastest result I got with EA reading the file in a 1ms loop.

Just one more note - the read-in data are sometimes defective (unfinished), use some integrity check and re-read the file if the check fails.

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