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Trying to call Custom indicator that uses its own DLL file

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Hi, I still have to say this that I am still new to Expert Adviser. I would like to Thanks for anyone in advance to read/reply my topic regarding with calling a custom indicator.

I have to say first, I bought this indicator from some dude, it was a well written program that you need to install the indicator with your Metatrader directory instead of giving me .mq4 file or some rar file.

This is how the indicator works:  

-changes the candle sticks color by adding series of color bar on the candlestick chart, Blue color indicates Buy opportunity, Red color indicates Sell opportunity. (I couldnt figure out how they do it since they place all the calculation in the DLL file)


After the installation, I realized the installer only provide several file only.

So my question is: 

Is there a way to call a custom indicator that :

-Does not have mq4 file 
-Just have .ex4 file in the C:/...../MQL4/indicator folder
-Has its own library file installed in C:/.../expert/include/"The indicator.mqh"
-Has its own DLL file in my MetaTrader directory.

 What I had tried:

-used iCustom function to call the indicator out, but nothing happen. (My Candlestick Remained the same after i run my Expert Adviser)

-used Alert(iCustom(NULL,0,"The Indicator",7)); to print out the value, and it does not show anything but 0,0

-I did not add any #property  (maybe thats the problem I had)

-I'm using MQL4 


I apologies in advance first if I have any mistake on create this post wrongly. (if any) 

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