Calling DLL linked to another DLL from Custom Indicator, Is this possible?


I am working with one DLL linked to another DLL.

For example, inside custom indicator, I am calling first.dll that uses some of functions from second.dll.

Now, I import first.dll from custom indicator in MetaTrader. I get an error saying that second.dll is not loaded.

Is there any work around for this problem? or Is this not supported by MetaTrader platform ?

For your info, both first.dll and second.dll are in the libraries folder together. But still second.dll is not loaded.


Hi there, 

I had a similar issue with a DLL i'm writing this week.. its in C sharp, and uses some Nuget libraries... (DLL calling another DLL)...

Turns out, you just have to put the second.. and third etc DLL in the executing directory of MT5... so for me its in: C:\Program Files\ICMarkets - MetaTrader 5 and it works!!

Sorry, probably too late for your issue, but posting as it'll probably help me again in a few months when I forgot how I did this :-) 



yeah... DLL HELL is still haunting us ;)
DLL Hell - Wikipedia
DLL Hell can manifest itself in many different ways wherein applications neither launch nor work correctly. DLL Hell is the Windows ecosystem-specific form of the general concept dependency hell. DLLs are Microsoft's implementation of shared libraries. Shared libraries allow common code to be bundled into a wrapper, the DLL, and used by any...