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EA Lots Increase Size Scare

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Jim Contant
Jim Contant 2014.06.09 16:44 

This was thankfully just a Demo acct. Test when this happened. What happened was, I was doing

Sunday night on a fairly advanced EA on multiple currency pairs. It was set to trade on just one microlot or .01 lots.

Has been working fine until last night for some reason on the GBPUSD it did several increases on the lots all the way to

1.6. The trades on the GBPUSD last night were all a loss also. This created quite a hit in the acct. This EA Does have a

multiplier on it in the Externals. It was set on 1.0 . Technically this should not have happened. As of right now before I

decide to run this on a real acct. I am going to remove the Multiplier code and try to contact the creator of the EA.There

is a String Identifier for the GBPUSD in the code and this may have something to do with it. Calls it QSymbol and XSymbol.

Any thoughts on this welcome?

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.06.09 23:55  
Remove the multiplier and you should be fine. I, not even once, trust the multiplier. Better we set our own lot and be happy to think that the lot will not increase by itself. Multiplier always a disaster unless you are monitoring it.
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