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Getting MT5 to run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit

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nick3499 2014.06.03 08:16 
my computer runs Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit—the latest greatest version. told me that MetaTrader 4 works with Wine 1.5.4 while MetaTrader 5 works with 1.5.9 so I tried MetaTrader 5 with Wine 1.6.2 in 64-bit, but that did not work. next, I used PlayonLinux to config MT5 with Wine 1.5.9, and that did not work either.

PlayonLinux allows me to create additional virtual drives for testing, and to config Windows programs with specific versions of Wine in separate virtual drives. 

in an email from, MT4 was at the top of the message, not MT5. is MT5 more of a beta version or something? I will try to run MetaTrader 4 with Wine 1.5.4, but I have a feeling that might not work.

the Linux OS in and of itself is very stable, but every single distro becomes literally one hack after another, as users struggle to hack each app to run, so I do not fault MT programmers at all. MT4 is opensource, so I like it exactly how it is.

I may also purchase a 10.1" tablet, and try to run ForexTrader on Android, which I have a feeling might work.

what sucks is how Android is basically Linux, so why do programs that run on Android not run on Ubuntu? I think Linux distros need to get their global hacking act together.


Ubuntu is intrinsically the most popular version of Linux to focus on. if wishes to benefit from Linux user traders, then Ubuntu versions 12.04 & 14.04 are the versions to target. 16.04 will be the next LTS(long term service of five years).

time after time I read about disgruntled users who jumped off Windows. Ubuntu is free, and they support their LTS versions for five years, with plenty of forums to get answers from—and it's free. 
Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2014.06.03 08:53  

Honestly! If you raise such questions then you should consider using Windows instead. I am using Linux since mid 90's and was also involved in development (Kernel, Apps, Gnome) and ended up abandoning development in favor for a new opportunity (trading). Right now I use MetaTrader 4 on Fedora 20 with Wine 1.7.x (not the outdated and ancient version you mentioned). Of course Linux is not Windows and you need to get used to some tweaking here and there. Getting used to this also helps you solve issues raised by Metatrader 4 (for example if some stuff won't start anymore or other things like copying files etc).

If you plan to be professional trader then you should make yourself confortable and absolutely clear what you are doing. It's not just the trading platform that matters. It's also getting to know your opponent the broker who rips your tail off in a blink of a second. Secondly I suggest to have a server running somewhere close to your hub or modem which runs Windows AND Metatrader 4 only. No bells no whistles nothing else. Windows and Metatrader 4. Since you may plan to go serious with that gamble, you need to make yourself some serious decisions in that area.

Even I plan to do this very soon. This is no option running Linux, tweaking there and here. Have all the processes eat up memory, slowing down Wine and then Metatrader, some stuff breaks and you are out. Meanwhile you browse your pron in the background, read mails, do other things and your Metatrader 4 updates itself in a sluggish way because of this. It's better to have two separate machines. One for trading and one for private stuff both can interact using RDP or similar software.

Android is based on the Linux Kernel ONLY and Linux IS the Kernel only. So speaking of Linux as a distribution is most of the time -> wrong. The rest is Java. As far as the apps concern they either depend on the Android API or Java API. Of course it would be nice to see Metatrader 4 ported to Qt to have it more cross platform compatible and therefore better usable under Linux and OSx. It's not happening, as I already asked the management of MetaQuotes. 

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.06.03 09:14  
Or just use virtualbox and install win 7 basic. Should do the trick.
Ali Akcaagac
Ali Akcaagac 2014.06.03 09:34  

VirtualBox or VMWare is an option yes! Of course this solution still eats CPU and RAM of the hosting system and makes you less flexible in case you need to restart your linux box. Some mini ITX PC or barebone running Windows on top of it would be a nice option. You can easlily drop off from the server. Have your server still operate during night. Another advantage would be that you can log into your server from any place of the world and find yourself in your own environment with your own setup. But yes VirtualBox might be better than WINE. 280mb Wine Installation + 280mb clone in your HOME directory. This is aproximately 500-600mb of space eaten up.

Maybe VirtualBox = 90mb + ReactOS 70mb + MetaTrader 4 30mb would do the trick. ~ 200mb 

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