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Can we read news in news tab ?

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Tran Dong Phat
Tran Dong Phat 2014.06.01 10:29 


I have some idea to code ea. but i did not know to read the news in news tab.

Because if we read new from website it will be delay and when ea receive the news it will be late.

I see that in this tab, when the news realease, it show very quickly. So, i want to use the news in this tab to code ea to open positon when news realease.

Can we do that ? And how we can do. I think it maybe use API funtion to get the event. but do not know how to do it. Are MT4, MT5 support about this problem so that we can easy to read this new ? 

Ernie Gunning
Ernie Gunning 2014.07.02 16:07  

Anyone? I want to do this as well?

Ian Venner
Ian Venner 2014.07.02 17:04  
there is a news.dat file in the data folder.
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