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rwatts50 2014.05.27 16:01 



I've had one of my expert advisers running on a live account for some time now showing good results and I'm considering selling it.


I understand there are technical challenges with modifying the ea for commercial use (GMT offset etc)  but like most developers where my skills lack is in how I would market and promote the bot. Do you have experience of doing this and can offer any advise. I hope to start a discussion on how best to promote an expert adviser.


Having obviously done some googling on this I have only come across a sites that seem to be promising ridiculous gains that could only be achieved by very high risk, which in my opinion accounts for nothing more than a con! Are there places to promote serious expert advisers away from these scams? If so is there a big market to sell them? (ie Is it worth the effort)


 Any input would be greatly appreciated.

SYED NAUFAL GADDAFI 2014.05.28 03:35  

Go here ...

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