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3043788 Schreudering
3043788 Schreudering 2014.05.23 10:48 

Hi guys,


I have a perfect strategy, but I want to use it on close values.

Normally  it trade on every tick data.


This strategy is based on the OHLC values, of closed bars. So I don't need every tick data.

I have a picture of this strategy attach to give a better view of the problem.


This strategy has following results:

Profit factor: 5 - 5,5

Works on each currency

Makes more than 20 million in 11 years (for each symbol)

Your best trade is 17 times better then your worst trade

I want an ea of this. But I want to make sure it is possible. 


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,



Files: 525 kb
BurkhardWille 2014.05.24 07:14  


you can't trade the close tick, but you can check the close values and trade the very first ticks of an open bar.


ffoorr 2014.05.24 07:50  
It's easy,
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