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custom indicator and EA are not working, please help.

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HI all,

I am beginner in MT4,and this is my MT4 first installation ( i am not upgrading or updating the MT4) .

I am downloading the source from this website and after installation finish,

I m not installing any new custom indicator and EA but the ones that come with MT4 aren't working.

(i am trying to double click and drag it, but no pop up windows come. fyi, the indicators is working

and shown pop up window when we click or drag it, but EA and Custom indicator are not working)

Enclosed is my MQL4 folder in case any forum member can help me by comparing with your MQL4.

did we need EX4 file in folder MQL4/expert and MQL4/Indicator to be able the menu on EA and custom indicator executable.

Kindly please advise and Thanks for your assistance.

note : i used windows xp as my operating system.



Files: 280 kb
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