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Trendlord in todays mt4

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Haplan 2014.05.14 01:30 

Hi Guys

About two years ago i downloaded and installed Trendlord (its an indicator) into mt4, used no problems, today, with the same broker i have downloaded another copy of mt4 so i can work two charts. I can set up both my charts the same except for the indicator Trendlord. I have copied to program files/experts/indicators and Trend lord is sitting in the proper place in the new instalation. i then close it all and restart mt4 (todays version) and search for the indicator but its not there (expert advisors/indicators or custon indicators in mt4) i have searched everywhere for it in mt4. Its there and working no problem in the earlier version but todays version on mt4 just wont show the indicator in mt4 but it does show it in computer/program/experts/indicators. I havent got the two copies mixed up. it juts wont show in todays mt4, any ideas?

Alain Verleyen
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