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hoping to hear actual experiences, have you suceded or failed using a tablet to access MT4 via remote, example VPS

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Hello Forum.

I am just wondering as technology has improved and got quicker, whether anyone has been able to use effectively a Tablet (android or ipad) to trade in real time.

There seems to be plenty of information to say that technically this is all possible, but not a lot of feedback from those who have actually done it and ......found it great or terrible

I have always assumed the lag in execution might be prohibitive.

But now I am also thinking about monitoring, adjusting settings etc of EA's installed elsewhere, and can see the convenience of using a light weight high screen resolution tablet (likely 10 inch).

As an aside, I am also wondering if MetaTrader4 when used on an IPad or Android tablet changes in orientation when you change the orientation of the tablet (landscape to portrait etc).

(I am aware that there are some windows 8 tablets appearing at that this might be ?? preferable for live trading, but don't want my automated trading hosted via a mobile internet connection)

Any thoughts appreciated

Thanks in advance !!

I do all the time but Team Viewer in to my pc. Works very well from Samsung Galaxy Note.
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