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EA on offline chart, Can Start function be triggered on offline charts ? - page 3

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Daniel Petrovai
Daniel Petrovai 2014.04.24 06:03  
can you post the code or PM to check it out

You are right on target I believe.

I switched from RenkoLiveChart to a different feeder, xxxx RenkoBar indicator and the EA came alive after a couple of minutes.

Here are the files and a thank you for helping out. I did learned a lot in the past few hours from you.


PS. I don't have the source for the RenkoBar indicator,xxxx and sadly, that's the one that works.

qjol 2014.04.24 07:34  

Ne, i said since B600> strings are unicode

int RegisterWindowMessageW(string lpString);

instead of

int RegisterWindowMessageA(string lpString); 
Daniel Petrovai
Daniel Petrovai 2014.04.24 08:17  

Ne, i said since B600> strings are unicode

instead of

Yeah, I've got that. I've changed that in my script, the ticks are OK but, as you suspected, my RenkoLiveChart is outdated. The chart generated doesn't allow the ticks to do the job and start the EA.

I've made another chart with the RenkoBar indicator posted and sweet, no more problems, EA has already placed a sell on AUDUSD and in profit 10 pips for now.

I believed that the RenkoLiveChart is compatible with the latest built 625 since it generates the chart but it isn't.

Now I don't need to run any false ticks or anything, I just have the M1 chart with the RenkoBar indicator, an M3 chart offline and the EA attached to the M3.

All good and it works. Thanks again for your help.

And when you have time and figure out what's wrong with the RenkoLiveChart v3.2 please let us know.

alikemal KARASU
alikemal KARASU 2014.06.09 12:15  


the solution given by qjol is correct, I test it and works fine for me.

But to make RenkoLiveChart V3.2 work on latest Built 625 you also have to replace line 143 of this EA with :

HstHandle = FileOpenHistory(SymbolName + RenkoTimeFrame + ".hst", FILE_BIN|FILE_WRITE|FILE_SHARE_WRITE|FILE_SHARE_READ);


this solution was not mine but given in another thread that I didn't find now.

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