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MQL4 Reference Guide?

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JC Bailey
JC Bailey 2014.04.07 16:17 

With some changes I can't verify my coding will not compile correctly since I upgraded to Build 625.

What I need is an updated reference manual in PDF format as the older version is--do you have that available to download?

aktarus82 2014.11.26 11:46  


I have the same expectation to get the Updated MQL4 Reference as a PDF file. The MQL5 Community website provides a PDF version of the MQL5 Reference but unfortunately the MQL4 Community only provides an online version of the MQL4 Reference. Do anyone has a downloadable PDF version of it?

@Metaquotes peoples: could you please add a downloadable PDF of the updated MQL4 Reference?

Best regards.

debin feng
debin feng 2014.12.21 07:59  
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