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My MT4 is not using the DPI settings of windows showing tiny fonts - page 2

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Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  

MT4 uses the Windows default of 96DPI settings, and hopefully it stays that way.

Most users (close to 100% of Windows users) do not change their DPI. If you have a big monitor then less reason to change it, no?

What is your source to say that close to 100% of Windows users use default settings ? It's not true at all. I don't have general statistics, but from my experience at working with Windows users, there are certainly 10% of people with a visual impairment. And they want to use bigger screen and bigger fonts.

Changing to allow a different DPI will likely open a huge can of worms, especially with object positioning set by EAs, Indicators, and so on.

I sure hope this doesn't change. I have not one, but two big monitors and 96DPI works great!

It's not about you, it's about a software which should be accessible to all.
Amir Saleem
Amir Saleem  
The thing is to be notice only here is MT5 works fine and MT4 still usses 96 DPI I am using 144 DPI to increase the font size of windows so they look cool enough and more readable when using high resolution we get more space for chart window to view using small resolutions like 1024*768 the chart lack in space so I use 1680*1050 which is a optimal default my LCD bombards me with a warning that for best result use 1680*1050 resolution for smooth display what should I do what is the benefit of buying a big monitor even u still use 1024*768 resolution with lack of space in high resolution I don't have telescopic Eagle Eyes to read small fonts or I don't want to get closer to the monitor to hurt my eyes :(
Alex Lee
Alex Lee  


I'm now using Surface Pro 3 and encountered the same problem.

Managed to find a work around referencing this web site: 

Still not ideal but MT4 works much better now.

Hopefully Metaquote will fix this issue for MT4 soon. 

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