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Issues installing MetaTrader4 on Opensuse 13.1 32bit

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Hi All

I am currently running Opensuse 13.1 32 bit software on my pc & am having a few issues.

The installation went fine until you come to the screen where you have to open an account.

As soon as I fill in my personal details & press next my computer just hangs.

A message box appears saying

[CODE] rundll32exe = NET Framework Initialization Error [/CODE]

I have tried to login with the trading platform my broker gave me & have the same problems.

Has anyone successfully loaded MT4 on a 32 bit platform?

Has anyone successfully run MT4 on opensuse?

I have searched the database & have found two threads on Linus one on Ubuntu & one on Centos.

is there anyone else who has had the same problem & found a solution.

I have downloaded my ms fonts from my wife's windows 7 platform & installed it on my computer.

I think I have all the correct fonts installed,

try to install .NET framework and see what happens
Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber  
OpenSuse should be Linux. Are you using Wine to run MT4 or do you have a Linux-Mt4 as I have seen the Linux-Icon at the MQL5-Forum
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