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MetaTrader 4 Platform Update build 625: Terminal won't open

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Pen 2014.03.27 11:49 


I had MT4 installed and running on my Windows 7 for a long time. Suddenly today, after update to build 625, it won't open. I tried downloading and installing a new version but same issue.

When I run terminal.exe, it flashes something and then it closes. I see nothing in task manager. I can still run metaeditor.exe.


04:14:45.912 LiveUpdate: file 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MetaViewer.dll' deleted

04:14:45.912 LiveUpdate: file 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MetaViewer64.dll' deleted

04:15:33.458 Migration: data to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt' migration started

04:15:33.458 Migration: experts migration from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt' started

04:15:33.458 Migration: experts folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Experts'

04:15:33.459 Migration: include folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\include' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Include'

04:15:33.459 Migration: indicators folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\indicators' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Indicators'

04:15:33.459 Migration: scripts folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\scripts' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Scripts'

04:15:33.474 Migration: expert logs folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\logs' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Logs'

04:15:33.474 Migration: expert files folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\files' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Files'

04:15:33.475 Migration: libraries folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\libraries' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Libraries'

04:15:33.475 Migration: expert presets folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\presets' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Presets'

04:15:33.476 Migration: expert images folder updated from 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\experts\images' to 'C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4\Images'

04:15:33.477 Migration: experts migration finished

04:15:33.478 Migration: data migration finished, no virtual folder

04:15:33.480 LiveUpdate: update C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4 folder started

04:15:33.493 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Experts/MACD Sample.mq4 updated

04:15:33.494 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Experts/Moving Average.mq4 updated

04:15:33.496 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Include/Arrays/Array.mqh updated


04:15:33.590 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Include/StdLibErr.mqh updated

04:15:33.591 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Include/Strings/String.mqh updated

04:15:33.592 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Include/WinUser32.mqh updated

04:15:33.593 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Indicators/Accelerator.mq4 updated

04:15:33.593 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Indicators/Accumulation.mq4 updated


04:15:33.608 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Indicators/Stochastic.mq4 updated

04:15:33.609 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Indicators/ZigZag.mq4 updated

04:15:33.610 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Libraries/stdlib.mq4 updated

04:15:33.612 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/Examples/DLL/DLLSample.cpp updated

04:15:33.613 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/Examples/DLL/DLLSample.def updated

04:15:33.614 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/Examples/DLL/DLLSampleTester.mq4 updated

04:15:33.616 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/Examples/DLL/Libraries/DLLSample.dll updated

04:15:33.624 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/Examples/Pipes/PipeClient.mq4 updated

04:15:33.625 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/Examples/Pipes/PipeClientPure.mq4 updated

04:15:33.625 LiveUpdate: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4/Scripts/PeriodConverter.mq4 updated

04:15:33.626 LiveUpdate: update C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt\MQL4 folder finished

04:15:33.668 MetaTrader 4 build 625 started (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

04:15:33.668 Data Folder: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt

04:17:11.554 MetaTrader 4 build 625 started (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

04:17:11.554 Data Folder: C:\Users\user1\Documents\mt

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.03.27 11:55  
You have not attached anything.
guillaume 2014.03.27 13:05  

I have the same exact issue on my desktop. The terminal opens for barely half a second and then directly shuts down. No error in the log file. It only happens since the update. I was looking at metatrader on my laptop a little bit later, the automatic update took place and it did the same thing as on my desktop. Now i can't start metatrader on both of the computers. Restarting computer or reinstalling metatrader didn't work...

Alain Verleyen
guillaume 2014.03.27 14:29  

Thank you for the link @angevoyageur

From what i read it comes from the anti virus. I do have the same on both my machines but i cannot uninstall it so i will wait for a new release that fix this conflict. Glad to know they are working on it though.

Pen 2014.03.27 16:09  

Thanks for the replies and hopefully would get a quick fix soon from Metquotes team.

Updates: I wasn't able to attach the log file, hence copy pasted the log in my first post.

OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 ..64bit

Antivirus: Symantec Endpoint Protection

hamisu 2014.03.28 17:10  
I'm also facing the same issue with penguin80. I have the same configuration as well.
Alain Verleyen
guillaume 2014.04.03 08:14  

Thank you for the link Angevoyageur! Works like a charm now!

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