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limit (incoming) opening positions

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fxnew 2014.03.21 14:43 

hello to the experts,

is there any program file (a way/ a script/an EA etc.etc.) to limit the open positions in the MT4 platform.

the background is: if you use a signal provider with your MT4 directly you don't have a predefined max open positions paramter, which defines the limit

thanks in advance

fxnew 2014.03.21 15:15  

and another issue:

is there a possibility to limit incoming opening signals to certain currency pairs or certain metals, so that - just for example - an EURCAD position is never opened (if EURCAD is excluded) even if there is an incoming signal from a provider?

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2014.03.21 15:41  

For both questions, you can't. If you subscribe to a MT4 signal you have to follow to signal and not try to intervene in the trading.

See Frequently Asked Questions about the Signals service, particularly point 16 and 17.

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