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Email + copier EA problems

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I have become aware of a litany of problems that have occurred since the introduction of the new MT4 build.

My current problems are as follows:

1) I have incurred a problem sending emails. I use Outlook, my ISP is Time Warner. My emails show they are sent but they are NOT being received. I have screamed at both Microsoft & TW to no avail. In coming to this forum I see other's who are incurring the same email/sending function.

2) I use a good signal copier EA. I am finding the signals are not being sent or the ea is stopped from working due to problems with new MT4 build.

3) On one computer ALL my MT4 (from many brokers) crashes right after they are opened.

I am not a tech savvy person.

I would appreciate all input related to these issues (especially email sending issues) in a very simple (not techie) explanation.

Thank you very much


i can assume that you didn't write those EA's (correct me if i'm wrong)

i think the best approach would be to let the programmer who wrote it to fix it

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