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ppapp 2014.03.12 13:46 


Can someone pls advise.

I have made the short script for the candlestick count cycle where values are given to each candlestick.

However some candlesticks do not fall into the criteria in order to be assigned a value.

The indicator graph draws ok for the candlesticks within the criteria, however I need to plot the remaining candlesticks with a value of zero.

so that the graph is continuous for all candlesticks in the indicator window.

Can someone pls advise on the best way to do this?

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2014.03.12 14:04  

It is not easy to understand what you want, but if you are using a buffer, set all to zero and then only modify values as necessary.Or, if the criteria is not met, give it a zero value

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