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Shaneil 2014.03.10 06:24 

Hey guys,

I am relatively new to the Forex world. I am using the MT4 Platform with Vantage FX and was hoping someone could help me build an Indicator of some sort to help with my following situation:

1. I am trying to establish the average price of pair at any point in time. I.e. (buy price + sell price / 2).

2. Ideally I would like this information to be available for any particular candle I hover the mouse over (I note that I can see information pertaining to the sell price only, such as the high, low, open and close price, toward the bottom right of the screen....can this be customised to show this information based on an average price????)

The reason I am looking for a tool of this nature is because I am trying to establish the high and low of a range based on the sell price, buy price and average price.

Really appreciate all your efforts guys and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanking you in advance.


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