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MT4 signal trading bug, opening "pending" orders from days ago & lotsize calculation

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First of all, I love MT4 and I appreciate the function for using signals to profit from other traders.

This is a great system if it works as decribed in the documentation.

Please fix these 2 topics:

1. Lotsize percentage can not be < 1%

In my journal I see the lotsize value conversion percentage is 1%, even when the account I get signals from is > 100x my balance.

I copy successful traders with a small account, ($500) while theirs is over $100k. When they trade with 10 lots, I have to trade with 0.10 lots, while 0.05 lots would be the proper lotsize.

Please allow the value conversion percentage to have 3 or 4 decimals, so traders with a small balance can still use signals from traders who have a much larger account.

2. Opening pending orders, that the orginal trader opened earlier, sometimes days ago.

The documentation states that orders will be opened only on trading signals from the original trader.

This appears not true, When some orders can not be opened (because of too high value conversion percentage) and when an order is closed, the next order that was

opened by the original trader is automatically opened. Even if this order was placed hours or days ago. So orders are opened in market conditions that are way different. Usually leading to unnecessary loss.

Please help us keep our accounts lined up with Signal traders and open only an order in our account:

- the moment when the trader actually opens an order, just skip all pending orders)

- when the broker allows to open immeditately. If there is not enough money, market closure of any other reason why the order can not be opened now, just skip the order.

I already lost quite some money because of this lotsize and unsynchronized order opening, and would appreciate it if this can be solfed very soon.

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