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low/high VERSUS Low/High

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Toast 2014.03.04 16:38 

I'm trying to keep in the spirit of the new build using low / high / open / close etc rather than Low / High / Open / Close etc.

However, because these are declared in OnCalculate I can't access them directly in functions.

So what am I missing? Should I continue to use Low / High / Open / Close because I can reference them directly outside of OnCalculate? What is the purpose of having low versus Low (and so on)?

I'm quite sure I'm missing the entire purpose, so if anybody could enlighten me that would be great!

whroeder1 2014.03.04 21:08  
The predefined variables are ArraySetAsSeries(true), the others, you must set. Beyond that I don't see any difference either.
Toast 2014.03.04 23:29  

Thanks for the reply.

So is it safe to say I can continue to use Low/High/Open/Close and NOT find myself having to change everything to low/high/open/close with a subsequent update?

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