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Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  

I am happy to hear someone who encountered the same problems like i have for the moment.

I have been reading all those posts, but it doesn't work with my computer,.. could it be because I am using windows 8 ..?

if I go to the properties of my shortcut and put a backslash portable at the end of my target line,.. it popups an allert which tells me the location doesn't exist...

As I mentioned, do a clean installation to make sure all files are in the correct place. Here are the steps I carried out.

  1. Backup all the folders both on your other drive as well as on your C Drive in the Users Folder.
  2. Uninstall everything to do with your MetaTrader.
  3. Delete all the folders in question in your Users folder and your other drive.
  4. Do a clean installation on your other drive, but DO NOT RUN MT4 at all until you complete the next of the step.
  5. Go to ALL the Short-cuts created by the installation (Menu and Desktop) and add the " /portable" at the end (remember the space character) of the Target field. Do this for both the MT4 Terminal as well as the Editor.
  6. Start-up the MT4 application and define your login credentials and setup all the configuration options you require.
  7. Close MT4 and now copy all the data (experts, indicators, scripts, etc.) you backed up to the necessary folders, but make sure you use the new locations based on the new structure in portable mode. Also, remember that the older history files in the old format are no longer usable. If you have your own history data, then rebuild it using the new format, either by importing it again or producing HST files directly in the new format.
  8. Start-up MT4 again and continue as usual.

Ooooh thank God FMIC,...

you officially saved my day & computer :D,

I don't know how to thank you

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