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New article: MQL5 Programming Basics: Lists

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2014.02.17 11:16 

New article MQL5 Programming Basics: Lists has been published at

The new version of the MQL language has provided developers of automated trading systems with effective tools for the implementation of complex tasks. One cannot deny the fact that the programming functionalities of the language have been considerably expanded. The MQL5 OOP features alone are worth a lot. Furthermore, the Standard Library should not go unmentioned. Judging by the error code number 359, class templates will be supported soon.

In this article, I would like to bring up what may in some way be an expansion or continuation of the subjects describing data types and their sets. Here, I would like to make reference to an article published on the website. A very detailed comprehensive description of the principles and logic of working with arrays was provided by Dmitry Fedoseev (Integer) in his article "MQL5 Programming Basics: Arrays".

So, today I propose to turn to lists, and more precisely, to linked linear lists. We will start with list structure, meaning and logic. After that, we will consider the related tools already available in the Standard Library. In conclusion, I'll provide examples of how lists can be used when working with MQL5.

Fig. 1 Nodes in a singly linked list
Fig. 1 Nodes in a singly linked list

Author: Dennis Kirichenko

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