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Build 600 Error - auto installed to the wrong drive.

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john 2014.02.16 13:57 


When build 600 automatically updated, it automatically installed it on the wrong drive it looks like.

My original was installed on D drive. The new one was auto installed on C drive.

TestGenerator: write file error.

Is there any solution other than possibly a complete uninstall and reinstall?


john 2014.02.16 14:33  
Does 600 not have terminal.exe ?
john 2014.02.16 15:04  

After the auto-update, I checked my mt4 icon properties to try and find the new 600 terminal.exe.

The short cut properties, and menu short cut properties, show the path to the OLD version, installed on my D drive.

Does that mean the new 600 build uses the old terminal.exe to start up, or does it mean the new build 600 does not update the visible short cut paths in the properties box?

Any clue where the new terminal.exe could be found? I searched in every 600 file I thought, but I can't find it.

whroeder1 2014.02.16 16:01  
moneycode: Any clue where the new terminal.exe could be found?
Like under "C:\Program Files (x86)" or maybe "C:\MBTrading\oanda"
john 2014.02.16 18:00  
Like under "C:\Program Files (x86)" or maybe "C:\MBTrading\oanda"

wow, new pic in honor of language merge. Didn't recognize you. Considering a new one myself: 600=666

I looked all over C. Did a C search too. All I could find in the new 600 install stuff in AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes... but none of those files have a terminal.exe

search pulled up a terminal.ini only

I can find no terminal.exe in the new 600/610 installed folders. Maybe it doesn't use that type of file to open 600 up I guess.

Either way, tester doesn't work. I get "write file error" even when testing the macd sample EA that comes with the platform.

I was assuming it was because it was installed on the C drive. Because it worked great on the D drive.

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