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when is an EX4 not an Expert? - page 2

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Simon Gniadkowski
Simon Gniadkowski 2014.03.06 16:39  
Where was the .mq4 file stored in when you opened it in MetaEditor ? if it wasn't in a folder called experts it seems that this can cause a problem, I had a problem with a script that was a script but MT4 insisted it wasn't. I then created a folder called scripts copied my .mq4 file to that folder, opened it in ME and compiled it, then MT4 would happily run it as a script. If this doesn't help you then contact the Service Desk

My issue with a script: & &

I reported this issue to the Service Desk 31st Jan and they have responded today to say . . .

Support Team 2014.03.06 16:48
Support Team 2014.03.06 16:48
Status: Open Closed

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