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GrabWeb not working on MT4 Build 600 - page 4

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Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  

Hi guys, please what is this code all about, is it an indicator or EA? I tried running it in mql4 editor and I got the following error message:

'User - undeclared identifier'

It is actually referring to the following line of code:

(Line: 112)    GrabWeb(""+AccountNumber()+"&login="+User, answer);

How can declare the "User" to be accepted by the program or what can I replace the "User" with?

  1. This thread is old and there is no guarantee that it will still work on current builds.
  2. It is neither an EA or an Indicator. It is a sample piece of code to discuss the OP's attempt at replicating the functionality of "WebRequest()", even for use in non-EA environments.
  3. The line 112, is obviously a placeholder (an example or sample) for the real URL one might need depending on whatever your needs my be.
  4. If you don't understand what this functionality is all about, then you probably don't need it.
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