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a small bug about very simple codes

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Fa Cao
Fa Cao 2014.01.26 08:24 
          if( Stop_Loss > OrderStopLoss() )
          { Print("Stop_Loss and OrderStopLoss():",Stop_Loss,",",OrderStopLoss());

just as you see the code as above.

what is surprising is that I see the values of Stop_Loss and OrderStopLoss() are the same in journal of tester when i test back. so why these values can be printed if they are the same, ( if( Stop_Loss > OrderStopLoss() ))?

1. if i modify the codes as "if( Stop_Loss > OrderStopLoss() + Point)" from "if( Stop_Loss > OrderStopLoss() )", all is ok, why?

2. if i test the codes on USDJPY, all seems Ok; but on EURUSD, somethings seems very bad because of the above bug.

Tjipke de Vries
Tjipke de Vries 2014.01.26 08:30  
whroeder1 2014.01.26 13:58  
  1. The == operand. - MQL4 forum
  2. Print uses 4 places. Print the full price PriceToStr()

Fa Cao
Fa Cao 2014.01.27 00:50  
thanks all
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