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How to get MT4 574 from MT4 509? - page 4

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davidb012 2014.01.30 13:55  

Sounds like you are doing it correctly . . . just give it a little time, if you have a slow Internet connection it may take a few minutes to download the update.

I just did another 509 install, after creating an account I get the following in the Journal . . .

you can see the LiveUpdate is done, when I restart the terminal the update will be applied and the terminal should restart itself.

OK, it worked . . .

I get as far as the following:

2014.01.30 13:45:26 LiveUpdate: new version 4.00 build 579 is available

2014.01.30 13:45:26 '2267510': login

2014.01.30 13:45:25 Experts are disabled because the account has been changed

2014.01.30 13:44:16 MetaTrader 4 build 509 started (MetaQuotes Software Corp.)

And it sits there. I close, I reopen, nothing triggers an update. I have a 45Mbps connection, so it's not that.

UPDATE: Its finally done it after sitting there for 30 mins. Thanks for help RaptorUK.

Now the real work begins to see what I have to do to get my offline charts working :(

insan 2014.05.08 20:06  

hello every body

can i get alink to download metatrader 509 plz

whroeder1 2014.05.08 20:48  
insan: can i get alink to download metatrader 509 plz
Why? No broker can use any build below 600+. It would be useless to you.
insan 2014.05.09 07:28  
One years ago i lift the forex and i was link the amibroker with metatrader but now i can not link cuz the update of meta so i think if i got old meta so i can like it again with amibroker
qjol 2014.05.09 07:50  

the broker you mentioned works via DDE

so, it doesn't matter if it's 509 or 600+

you have to configure the right configuration

that's it
insan 2014.05.09 08:00  
ty but i have no experiance for this i have an expert and make some steps to linke it if u can help me to explain it really i will be ty so much
qjol 2014.05.09 08:38  
sent you instructions via PM
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