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Charts change colour each time MT4 restarts

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David Francis
David Francis 2014.01.18 20:39 

We have had some issues (as per previous post) and the MT4 platform is not holding the changes made to the graph colours. These were changed to more user friendly colours, then the data loader run to update the data, and the colours all reverted back to the original settings.

It was not doing this previously and we are having to reset each time we log on.

Many thanks in advance

whroeder1 2014.01.19 13:41  
  1. Tools -> Options -> Server -> Keep not checked?
  2. Installed in \program files* and saving Blocked by UAC.
  3. If you have max bars on chart set to very large number it can take a FULL minute per chart to update history files (after the window disappears.)
David Francis
David Francis 2014.02.04 10:39  
This now seems to be working. Making that change it now works fine. Thank you.
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