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Metatrader loses data

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David Francis
David Francis 2014.01.18 20:37 

We have had a problem now a couple of times where the MetaTrader 4 platform has reset after the laptop has restarted. We have now turned off automatic updates on Windows, etc, but the recent shut down occurred after a optimisation had run for six days and the laptop restarted, possibly due to heat, having completed around 7,500 passes of 10,000 (it was due to take around seven days to complete - is that normal too?)

Does MT4 have any form of history or logs or data stored so that if the platform gets restarted for any reason, we can still review what it has been doing for that length of time?

whroeder1 2014.01.19 13:36  
  1. If it's overheating, get a can of air and blow out the dust. Otherwise it's about to die, hope you have backups.
  2. Depends on what your code does, how often it does it (once per bar or once per tick), optimization size (total ticks), and since core Hz rate.
  3. No
David Francis
David Francis 2014.01.21 09:27  
Thanks for the reply. It is a sony vaio ultra book with i7 and 16gb ram, SSS, etc. very powerful and runs really well. Only three months old and most things run like a dream. I do see that mt4 only uses one core per instance to process, so presumably us not able to use multiple core processors efficiently? It is a real shame that it does not even store a copy of the results as a temp file at the very least.
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