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EA is launched on one currency window, but worked on the other currencies also.

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Achim Rogalski
Achim Rogalski 2013.12.01 21:59 

I have startet about 10 currencies in my MQL4 Window.

Expert Advisor ONE ist launched only on one currency, bur it starts and stops

orders in all other currency windows also.

How can I control this behaviour ?

whroeder1 2013.12.01 23:05  

An EA doesn't have to trade only the chart currency. That's the simplest way to code it. Your's goes the harder route.

Change the settings, change the code, or ask the author. There's no mind readers here. Do you really expect us to know how YOU can control YOUR EA?

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2013.12.02 00:16  

Code your EA so it only trades with the symbol(s) that you want it to .

Use a magic number so that the EA can identify trades that it should work with.

whroeder1 2013.12.02 01:48  
If the OP had the code he wouldn't be asking "How can I control this behaviour" That type of coding was intentional.
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