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How and Where to find MT4 Server list (demo/live) and Connect

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Faiz 2013.06.09 17:09 

hello guys,

i new here and want to create a MT4 client,

first please guide where to find working MT4 server list.

as i found these but non is working or may i don't know how to connect with.

with port 443.

they way i tried to connect.

            foreach (var item in mtServerList)
                    MT = new MT4(item.Server, item.Port);
                    richTextBox1.AppendText(Environment.NewLine + "Server: " + item.Server + Environment.NewLine + "Exception: No");
                catch (Exception ex)
                    richTextBox1.AppendText(Environment.NewLine + "Server: " + item.Server + Environment.NewLine + "Exception: " + ex.Message + Environment.NewLine);


but all faild.

please guide me as per subject.


Govrix 2014.02.08 01:56  

In folder, where you install metatrader, you can find folder "config", eatch file, like "blablabla-Demo.srv" or "blablabla-Live.srv" ( *.srv ) is server file, open it with hex editor and replase IP adresses!

srv file in hexreader

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