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Script to open multiple pending orders in succession / in sequence

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Fan 2013.05.10 15:29 
Script to set multiple pending orders in succession.

I am looking for a specific script.

It is simply a "Multiple Pending Order Script in Succession". I would like to open multiple pending orders from a specific price in a same direction (buy or sell).

"Multiple Pending Order Script in Succession for Buy orders":

I will need to set the script to place "buy" orders from a specific price.

The script will allow me to adjust the-
1) number of pending orders
2) number of pips between each pending order
3) T/P and S/L for all the pending order (T/P and S/L are the same for all orders)

Below is an example:
Current Price is at 1.30200
I want to place 5 "buy" pending orders in succession from 1.30300 and each pending order must be 2 pips apart. The T/P and S/L can also be specified. The script will then place all pending orders at these following prices at once:

1st Pending Order = 1.30200
2nd Pending Order = 1.30220
3rd Pending Order = 1.30240
4th Pending Order = 1.30260
5th Pending Order = 1.30280

I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

Will look forward to constructive comments.
guatepips 2013.06.12 23:25  
Please can you share this script? chapin007 at gmail dot com
dineshydv 2013.06.13 03:36  
Learn to code or pay someone in Jobs. Or PM me. 
Point Zero
Point Zero 2013.06.13 07:48  

Here you have. Second google result.

Recips-Nodrug 2014.04.11 01:00  

Try the Elite eFibo Trader it will place up to 14 trades pending of course on price to trigger the trade except you cannot set the price for it to trigger the trade.

This is a great EA as the lot size, take profit, stop loss and distance between trades are all adjustable.

If you have a script to order the each to start at a certain price this would be ideal

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