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whroeder1 2013.04.17 16:40  
Mongoose: Any posts which may offend other visitors of the are forbidden. These messages will be deleted.
  1. Since there are no slaves here, you have only three choices: Search for it, learn to code it, or pay someone. We're not going to code it FOR you. We are willing to HELP you when you post your attempt and the nature of your problem.
  2. You begging for a handout (coding) offends me. Get off your lazy butt and learn to code it. Stop trying to defend your begging and deflecting your behavior when it's called out.
Simon Gniadkowski
Simon Gniadkowski 2013.04.17 16:59  

  This is my last post as I can see, this website is not what I thought it was.  Ubzen I was offended because you said my system was crap yet YOU NEVER knew anything about my system, which means your comment was retarded.  I did not think this was a coding sweatshop I offered money to Raptor when he hinted at asking for it.  

There was no hint,  I don't code for cash for other people.  Most people that you might like to deal with, i.e. those that are competent,  will ask for some indication that your strategy is what you claim it to be,  what kind of testing have you done ?  how do you know it is consistent ?  what instruments have you tested it on, etc, etc



     if I don't proof?  You mean you want me to show you proof?  I can do that, I can post every trade here so you can see them in real time, but instead of asking this, you assume its crap.

I asked and you still haven't provided any data.


Here is a simple chart,  would you like an EA than can do this ?  59 trades,  2 losses . . .  96.6% WR



Often the situation is not what it seems to be,  so if you want to be taken seriously you have to provide evidence of serious testing. 

Dimitrios-Charalampos Michalopoulos
Dimitrios-Charalampos Michalopoulos 2014.10.10 09:05  

Hello Mongoose and Raptor UK,

As I aslo need the angle of the  regression channel of the last n bars of a chart, for the implementation of my strategy, I am wondering if such function (that would return the angle) exists at the library of MQL4.

Please advise the name of such function.


/ /123
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