Open Order, only if existing is x pips away


Hello folks,

I have a simple script to open an order.

I'd like to add a safety which will prevent a new order to be placed, if another Order of the same type is within a certain distance.

Example in case of a Buy Order (I know this is not real code below, but this should explain what I'm looking for):

If price of any existing BuyOrder is less than x pips above/below Bid
   Alert("There is another position already too close");

Can anybody help me out here, please?

Thank you.


Asparuh Nestorov  

Just a glimps of the main idea 

   bool DoNotTradeFlag = false;
   for(int k=OrdersHistoryTotal()-1;k>=0;k--)
         if(MathAbs(OrderOpenPrice() - Bid) < XPips*Point) DoNotTradeFlag = true;
   if(!DoNotTradeFlag) Trade .....

 Of course there is many more specific things in order to produce a stable code...


Thank you Cyberfx.

The "MathAbs" was what I needed and was not aware of.

William Roeder  
WorstCases The "MathAbs" was what I needed and was not aware of.
In other words, you haven't been bothered to learn the Book, the Documentation, or the lessons.