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William Roeder
William Roeder  
marley75: I am having the same issue.... Terminal does not close even though ShutdownTerminal=true is set.

Don't double post


Good info, Thanks Raptor, I take back what I said about you

Try "TestShutdownTerminal=True" Marley... read the help files


Neither "TestShutdownTerminal=true" nor "TestShutdownTerminal=True" works with Build 745.

I've found out that with Build 745 you have to use


(taken from the MT5 Help...)



The solution was the new line after TestShutdownTerminal=true, otherwise it doesn't work.

I had ShutdownTerminal below TestShutdownTerminal=true, that's why I thought that was the trick.


Something else . . . it's all explained in the MT4 Help . . . search for "Configuration at Startup"

I set the parameters for my EA, save a set file. I then create an txt file which specifies this set file, amongst other things, false login & password to keep the terminal offline the name of the EA, the Symbol, Period, start and end dates and a report name . . . then I have a batch file that runs the terminal with this txt file . . .

start /wait terminal.exe EURJPY.txt

I can have multiple lines like this in the batch file . . . so I can set several runs to occur overnight . . .

Would you mind to give a bit more detail about how to run the terminal from a batch file? Could you explain how to get the terminal to run a bunch of EAs one after another and save the output step by step? How do you actually run the file that you talk about in another post with:

; common settings

;start strategy tester


I can write this file as a .ini file in the config folder but its not very clear in the help  how to get it to run? Any tips would be much appreciated?

P.S. sorry for the NEWB questions, I think I must be missing a trick somewhere. Thanks

Alvaro López
Alvaro López  
And how could you store the .html report and the .gif graphic of the curve in files automaticaly when doing the optimization passes?