loosing 12th char in .hst file header "symbol name"

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Problem: appears that Terminal not seeing 12th symbol in history file header.

Ref: F1/Userguide/Tools--History Center

struct HistoryHeader has "char symbol[12]; //symbol name"


I create .hst with 12ch symbol name.

Looking at created .hst file "!TicksGBPUSD9.hst" you can see symbol[12]:

As seen above the offset of symbol[12] is 0x44 to 0x4f or 68 to 79; followed by "int period" at 0x50 with value of 9

0x44(4+64) is where doc says symbol[12] starts:

struct HistoryHeader
0x000 4 int version; // database version
0x004 64 char copyright[64]; // copyright info
0x044 12 char symbol[12]; // symbol name
0x050 4 int period; // symbol timeframe
0x054 4 int digits; // the amount of digits after decimal point in the symbol



When do File -> Open Offline you see "D" not present even though in .hst header:


As comparison to my created .hst and a standard MT .hst header eg,

and "int period" starts at 0x050 with value 0x5A0 or 1440

All offsets agree. So what could be causing 12th char to not being recognised?

Can use up to 11 chars in symbol[12] (and with any value in struct member "int period; //symbol timeframe") but why can I not use 12 ?

edit: when changing symbol[12] field in header I also change filename to match.

Thanks In Advance

Yasin Ipek
Yasin Ipek  
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