Starting from build 292, the terminal contains the standalone MQL5 compiler


Questions about the necessity of a compiler that would work outside the terminal were discussed here several times. Now, the terminal installer contains the special mql5.exe launcher for 32-bit versions and mql564.exe for 64-bit versions. The compiler requires mql5.dll or mql564.dll for operation.

C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5>mql5.exe

MQL5 Compiler launcher 5.00 build 292 (09 Jul 2010)
Copyright 2001-2010, MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Usage: mql5.exe [<flags>] filename.mq5
                /s        - syntax check only
                /i:<path> - set MQL5 directory
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5>mql5.exe "MQL5\Experts\Examples\Moving Average\Moving Average.mq5"

MQL5 Compiler launcher 5.00 build 292 (09 Jul 2010)
Copyright 2001-2010, MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MQL5 Compiler library build 292
MQL5\Experts\Examples\Moving Average\Moving Average.mq5 : information: Compiling 'Moving Average.mq5'
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\MQL5\include\Trade\Trade.mqh : information: Including 'Trade.mqh'
Result: 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)
The bindings of MQL5.exe + MQL5.dll and MQL564.exe + MQL564.dll can be distributed without any limitations. Now the MQL5 compiler can be integrated into other code editors, or can be used in various program generating wizards.

For some reason I don't think that the Mt5 terminal is downloading or installing properly in Windows 7 or Windows XP. In Windows 7 it installs in the "Progams" file which appears to be for Microsoft windows applications only. All outside compatible programs download in the "Programs (86) file and are functional. I don't have this problem with the Mt4 terminal downloads that go into both the Programs(86) and the VirtualStor files. As it is the program will start but is not functional. None of the sample programs show up in the strategy tester and each time the terminatl is started you have to create another log in name and password.

 In XP the platform will show and not connecting to the downloader at all like a complete break in the server connection.

 Any advise? 


An example of the use with UltraEdit.