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why the log file expert/logs/xxx.log not updated automatically? - page 2

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  1. When you post code please use the SRC button! Please edit your post.
              General rules and best pratices of the Forum. - General - MQL5 programming forum

  2. There is no "update log problem." You Print, the logs get updated.

  3. You have a OnTick and a OnStart. First is for EAs, latter is for Scripts. Not both. BOGUS
              Event Handling Functions - Functions - Language Basics - MQL4 Reference

  4. Strings are Unicode since February 3, 2014 (Build 600) BOGUS

  5. The code you posted as nothing to do with writing files. You don''t write at logs/, that is the terminal's folder. you write files at files/.

whroeder, thanks for the fast answer, I will try to comment each point you've mentioned:

1 - I'm sorry about the code not formatted (I didn't know about it)!

2 - my specific problem is exactly like the first post of this topic (Xiaoshen Li): - "Each time new message shows up in "expert" tab, I need to right click the mouse and select "Open" to have the new message appended to the log file" at ..\Terminal\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\logs but on MT5, so I've try to use the modify the code to run on MT5 but I'm no being succeed to fix this problem!

3 and 4 - I'm absolutely new on MQL programming so I'm really sorry if my modified code doesn't make sense (I have to study more)

5 - Actually doesn't matter to me if my code right anything in anywhere else folder, I just use ..\Terminal\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\logs\yyyyMMdd.log to fill an excel file, but i really need this yyyyMMdd.log being updated as soon as possible, not only when I manually right click to "Open"


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