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Buttons & Textfields on mt4 chart possible now - page 8

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Angel-Trading LTD
Rainer Heinrich Eiermann  
Test the file gui2.dll on the site   you will be surprised, 3 virus-messages 
Aaron Arago
Aaron Arago

Here i want to introduce a new free addon for mt4 as preview. I am currently testing a product called mt4gui. This product makes possible to place buttons, text fields, list fields directly onto chart; here is a preview screenshoot which is already working

Buttons react immediate after click without waiting for broker side tick. We are improving this product with more features next weeks. Why i post this is to get ideas from community whats needed. Of course not everything can be realised really but i ll filter interesting ideas here.

Here is an example very basic code demonstrates usage:



Hi Sir, Where can I download  libtrade.mqh and libvisual.mqh. 

can i get the URL or site? Thanks a lot. 

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