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Need some explanation about strategy tester: - page 2

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forexCoder 2011.05.05 00:40  
Thanks a lot, very informative, very elegant, very nice!
forexCoder 2011.05.12 15:40  
Strategy tester: expert properties, tab 3, optimization: what does checking for example drawdown and setting it to 10 do? I thought it was gonna limit results to max 10% drawdown, but it seems to not do that.
Ubzen 2011.05.12 15:50  
I got it to work that way when I first encountered this thread. I believe it's got something to do with how u enter the value. Check_Box > Enter Value > Press Ok. I can't remember if Drawdown needs to be selected from the drop down options on the Testing tab. I guess I'm saying thats how it's suppose to work but you've gotta play around with it :)
ThreadHandle 2015.12.03 15:13  

Thanks for the code guys :D the visual strategy tester was bugging me :D

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