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Help needed wth indicator

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CountingMan 2011.01.17 18:02 

Hello Group,

I am looking for some assistance with the following two indicators: Fisher Yur4ick and Fisher Yur4ick corrected.

I was going to use the Fisher Yur4ick in an EA, but found a posting on another forum that the indicator repaints. I don't doubt that the indicator repaints; many do, and they went to the point of posting as such. That poster went on to post a "corrected" version of the indicator that supposedly does not repaint.

Unfortunately, there appears to be significant differences between the two in their performance in crossing over the 0 line. I would recommend you open both on the same chart, select the same time range, and see what I mean; it is very evident that the "corrected" version lags considerable from the posted Fisher Yur4ick indicator.

I know and understand some code, as most of it is identical between the two versions. However, God is in the details. I don't know enough about some of the code aspects to understand the core differences between the two to figure out 1) what part of the code is causing one not to repaint, and 2) the part of the code that is causing it significant change in performance. The code piece that is driving this may be one in the same.

I am asking that someone assist myself and others to understand the differences to know what we are looking at.

I appreciate the assistance!

rkassulker 2011.01.19 21:39  

It looks like the biggest differences are in the period and bars counted. One EA has a period of 7 and the other 10. One EA limits the number of bars counted to 1,000 and the other looks like it has no limits. It also looks like there could be a slight difference in the way that the values are calculated. The difference in period and bars counted would easily explain the variance in the indicators. If the values are being calculated differently, that would also add to the variance.

Regarding the repaint, I'm not sure.

Alain Helstroffer
Alain Helstroffer 2014.08.26 15:41  

Repainting is in first a marketing argument!

Many indicators are repainting less or more.

Some indicators than are repainting have a good current signal and other not.

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