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Discussion of article "Another MQL5 OOP class"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2013.07.22 10:48 

New article Another MQL5 OOP class is published:

This article shows you how to build an Object-Oriented Expert Advisor from scratch, from conceiving a theoretical trading idea to programming a MQL5 EA that makes that idea real in the empirical world. Learning by doing is IMHO a solid approach to succeed, so I am showing a practical example in order for you to see how you can order your ideas to finally code your Forex robots. My goal is also to invite you to adhere the OO principles.

Building a complete object-oriented EA that actually works is in my humble opinion a challenging task which requires many skills all put together: logical reasoning, divergent thinking, capacity for analysis and synthesis, imagination, etc. Let's say that if the automated trading system that we have to solve was a game of chess, its trading idea would be the chess strategy. And the execution of the chess strategy through tactics would be the programming of the robot through the use of technical indicators, chart figures, fundamental economic ideas and conceptual axioms.

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio

Author: Jordi Bassaganas

Alexander Piechotta
Alexander Piechotta 2013.07.22 18:44  

Good article. Thank you.

Pasi Hakamaki
Pasi Hakamaki 2013.08.22 17:35  

Good article. Thank you.

Jose Ignacio Martin Somokurzio
Jose Ignacio Martin Somokurzio 2016.02.24 12:21  
Agree with you....great job.Thnx.
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