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How to get Scroll Information in my Indicator sub-window WHILE scrolling ?

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Filip 2013.07.18 00:28 

Dear Forum ,

with my Indicator Im evaluating tick data to paint some graphical objects in a subwindow. the objects doesnt have any releation to the time information of the x-achsis of my chart.

Therefore I did not connect the objects to any timeseries like the way would be implementing an indicator.

Unfortunately the indicator draws the objects but dont get information if the user scrolls clicking the left mouse button. In the function OnChartEvent I would need some information

about the changing view WHILE the scrolling process continues. But I did not find anything which informs me about such an change. The function FirstVisibleBar delivers the first shown bar. With this information I could calculate the amount of changed detail space for the right part . But WHILE dragging with the mouse the function only shows -1, only after releasing the mouse button , it shows the new result.

Does anyone have an Idea how to handle this ?

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