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Secure authorization is enabled on the website

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From today on, we introduce the secure authorization mode in order to protect your confidential data.

Now login, registration and password recovery forms will be available through the encrypted https connection.

If you used the "Remember me" option, please log in again.
Rashid Umarov
Rashid Umarov  

We keep on improving security of our resources. In your Profile, we have added the new Security tab, where you can:

  • make your email publicly visible - shown as an image to protect it from spambots;
  • indicate you mobile phone number to use it for confirmation of important operations;
  • change the current password.

Your mailbox is publicly visible only if you check "Display my email publicly" option.

In order to protect you from spambots that harvest email addresses for sending spam, your email address will be shown only as an image, not a text.

To change your current password, press the Change password link and enter your new password twice in corresponding fields.

For changes to take effect, indicate the current password and press Save.

Some internet providers allocate dynamic IP addresses that can change within one session. This can lead to frequent authorization requirements. In such cases you should probably refuse using the option "Session from only one IP address".

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