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I have some doubts about slippage and signals

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Leandro Burlamaqui
Leandro Burlamaqui 2013.07.01 19:40 
I wonder if the flap slippage, each signal if the number before the point, refers to more than 100 pips, for example, if I see a sign on the slippage is 2.33 pips, then I would pay 233 pips slippage, or pay 2 pips slippage? I ask this based on operating orders 0.10 lots where having a 2.33 pips slippage could have a target of 25 or 50 pips, never able to win if the slippage is 233 pips, could someone help me understand this? thank you
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2013.07.01 21:12  
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