How I can set take profit on my EA?


I´m trading with an EA. But i have a problem. Sometimes my broker makes it impossible to set a take profit for the first 15 minutes after the trade is opened. The EA tries to set the take profit but the broker doesn`t let him. But after 15 minutes I must set the take profit manually.

Is there any way that my EA automatically set the take profit after some time? I mean is there a chance that you can programme an EA which is always trying to set the take profit until it will be set?


Make sure you are observing the your Dealer's stop-levels for the traded pair.

MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_STOPLEVEL);

It the Dealer is really interfering with your orders, get a new Dealer.


I would like to programm a loop for my ea, that he can set take profit.

When he is trying to set take profit 10 pips more than the price, the broker says at the moment take profit for 10 pips to set is not possible at the moment, but ten minutes after it is possible but the ea cant set ten minutes after and so no take profit ist set. But i would like to set an order that the ea automatically sets the take profit. I imagine that the ea can make a loop and when it would be possible to set the take profit (about after ten minutes) then he sets the take profit.

How i can make this order for the ea that he loops until the take profit is set?