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Discussion of article "Guide to writing a DLL for MQL5 in Delphi"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2010.06.25 13:49 

New article Guide to writing a DLL for MQL5 in Delphi is published:

The article examines the mechanism of creating a DLL module, using the popular programming language of ObjectPascal, within a Delphi programming environment. The materials, provided in this article, are designed to primarily target beginner programmers, who are working with problems, which breach the boundaries of the embedded programming language of MQL5, by connecting the outside DLL modules.

Author: Андрей

bernd 2010.07.10 00:12  

It should be mentioned that there is an alternative to using Delphi.

If you are not already a Delphi user you should consider using Lazarus/FPC, it is open source, has almost the same features as Delphi (and even some more), is largely compatible with Delphi source code and I would even bet that all of the above examples compile in Lazarus without any modifications.

If you prefer open source over proprietary software (which is something you should do anyways) then Lazarus is what you are looking for and not a commercial trial version of Delphi.

KRTRADE 2011.01.22 02:20  

DLL help

Can anyone help guide me .. Can we use MT4 DLL file on MT5 and if yes... where do you instill it in MT5 and any thing else i need to know.


Also which folder do we store the DLL file in ??? 

I do not have the code for the DLL anymore so i really cant rewrite it anymore.



any suggestion and help will be appreciated.  

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